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Guinness World Record

Posted by on November 27, 2012


Bert Edwards Science and Technology School (BEST), working with BIG Little Science Centre, have had our results for the Guinness World Record ACCEPTED! We are now officially part of a new World Record for a science lesson, along with many other schools from across Canada, and will be listed in the Guinness World Records!

Working at BIG Little Science Centre, BEST intermediate students took part in a Canada-wide record for “Largest Simultaneous Practical Science Lesson in multiple venues; same time and same lesson.”  The experiments involved performing and observing how materials react to the movement of fluids, following Bernoulli’s Principle.

BEST students did two different experiments; first they predicted what would happen and then they performed the experiments to observe what really happened. Experiment One involved blowing between two balloons held about 10 centimetres apart. Experiment Two involved blowing through a drinking straw, straight across the top of another straw standing upright in water. Organized by the Government of Canada, this record attempt was a giant undertaking. Over 85 grade 4 to 6 students from Bert Edwards participated, along with teachers Rob Wielgoz (local organizer), Mr. Bloom, Mrs. Villeneuve, Mr. Wagner, Ms. Shelton-Lawson and Ms. Mauro. We would like to thank the many community volunteers who also assisted, including; Bill Quast, Carol Paulsen, Rae Nixon, Lloyd Nixon, Irene Desrocher, Matt Reudink, David Green. Representing BIG Little Science Centre were Gordon Gore, Lance Rousselle, and Susan Hammond.

This event took place on October 12, 2012 from 10:00am to 10:30am, and is the first time this record has been tried. Results are still being examined, but BEST’s results have been accepted.


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