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Remembrance Day 2015

Posted by on November 16, 2015

“On November 11, especially, but also throughout the year, we have the opportunity to remember the efforts of these special Canadians.  In remembering, we pay honour to those who responded to their country’s needs.”


This was one of the quotes read by grade 7 students at the assembly for Remembrance Day.  They are fitting words for the significance of the day and the moment of silence that is observed.  Today 150 Pacific Way students took part in the assembly to honour veterans and active military Canadians.


Students of today understand the presence of terrorism and countries in conflict, but it is more of a challenge to understand a world at war.  This is a good thing, in that the world is working better at finding alternative solutions to war, but more of a negative when it comes to remembering fallen soldiers and the sacrifice many Canadians made for their country.

The assemblies that are held at schools across Canada help in their small way to provide recognition to our veterans and their gallant efforts, as do the Highway of Heroes’ signs and music videos that have become popular in recent years.


“The important thing for all of us to remember is that they fought to preserve a way of life, Canadian values, and the freedom we enjoy today and often take for granted.  Remember that the silence is to honour their sacrifice and memory”


Today’s assembly included:


O’Canada                                                                               grade 5

See the Veteran, Do you know where I find peace,           kindergarten

Flanders Field,                                                                       grade 3/4

I’ve got peace in my fingers,                                                grade 2, and 2/3

Universal Soldier,                                                                  grade 6/7 students,

Remembrance quotes                                                          grade 6/7 students.


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